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An Indian Woman Open Letter To Jiggu Mavani and Azadi Gang On Caste Politics

Kalpana KalpanaSubramaniam Uploader
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Post By : Kalpana Subramanian (Guest Editor)

An Indian social media activist Kalpana Subramanian puts her views on Maharashtra violence and caste politics in front of Uploader Leaks Team. Her open letter to Jignes Mavani and Azadi Gang working as a big slap on ‘Cheen Ke Lenge Azadi’ slogan. Kalpana Subramanian said-

I’m proud to be a citizen of India. With due respect to every citizen my parents got jobs with no reservation. I got my admission in school high school college on the basis of my merit. I never misused the system, never took undue advantage. Never walked on the streets crying my dues aren’t paid.

I studied hard got 1st class division studying late till 4 Am,and I cleared my ICSE and CBSE exams with decent numbers.

I got jobs because of my calibre.I worked very hard taking care of my parents,who are watching me from heaven, never rioted on streets for my rights or violated any ones respect for my whims or because I was paid by goons to disrupt public.

I pay as a woman and a citizen 30% plus of my taxes which you pimp have burnt in Maharashtra. It’s my money you rampaged burnt and ran away.

By the way taxpayers don’t have a caste, do we?

Does money have a caste? that you ran away?

Does blood have a caste? you ran away?

U burnt buses did they have any caste?

U burnt down 1000 crore of public property did they have any caste?

I cared and still care for all gods creation because that’s how we are raised as humans and Hindus in this country.
I never submitted any super previliged card because of my caste, neither harm any public property when I wasn’t given my rights.

Mr Mavani do you know the word cannibal.They are people, the ones who eat their own. And you a power hungry. Forget politics cannivani you don’t respect the citizens of this country. You’re not spreading politics in any ways.You are an anti national element on a rampage as given orders. Sub zero respect or integrity.

You are on a high like a loaded gun to be hired by the biggest payer. You are a nothing and you are the for those whoever pays you higher.

This country is not what you want to show u disgusting pimp. And let me also tell you it’s no more sitting under the tree and sharing lies in our India that you expect every one to believe.

U are a traitor and your caste politics just got blown off.Dont try and think people are regressive as you. This India does not abuse anyone based on caste. If it was your umar and other colleagues won’t be sitting on free money unable to complete basic education.

Be an Indian first you joker paid one. Nation first remember always. Tum mere desh ke tukdey karodey ek vote jeetney ke nashe main choor. Nahin kar paoge. Tum jaise gaddar ke liye koi jagah nahin hai except jail.

U have burnt 1000 crores of public property. Aur kitni azaadi chahiye you anti national paid joker. Our country let me tell will not be divided anymore.

Your highness tax payer who will have to pay for your shit, an Indian and a patriot.Before u ask my caste remember tax payers who pay for your nonsense don’t have any religion caste or sub caste or sub sub caste or a sub marine.

Kalpana Subramanian

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