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Boxer Kubrat Pulev ने अचानक मैच Reporter Jenny SuShe को चूमा, अब ससपेंड हुए: VIDEO

News & Photo Credits : Twitter (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); अमेरिका में एक बॉक्सिंग मैच में विजेता बॉक्सर ने उस बॉक्सिंग मैच के इवेंट की मैच रिपोर्टर को सरेआम लाइव कवरेज के दौरान पकड़कर चुम लिया. यह घरता बहुत ही आश्चर्यजनक रही. इस घटना पर बहुत विवाद खड़ा हो गया है

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ConorVsKhabib UFC229Brawl

Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov Suspended for their wild UFC brawl

Photo & Info Credits: Twitter : @Sporf (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); कोनोर मक्ग्रेगोर और खाबिब नर्मागोमेडोव को UFC 229 मैच की Fight के पहले झगडे के कारण बर्खास्त किया गया है. इसके अलावा दोनों पर भारी फाइन भी लगाया गया है. खाबिब नर्मागोमेडोव को 9 महीने अब रिंग से दूर रहना

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Kalpana KalpanaSubramaniam Uploader

An Indian Woman Open Letter To Jiggu Mavani and Azadi Gang On Caste Politics

Post By : Kalpana Subramanian (Guest Editor) An Indian social media activist Kalpana Subramanian puts her views on Maharashtra violence and caste politics in front of Uploader Leaks Team. Her open letter to Jignes Mavani and Azadi Gang working as a big slap on 'Cheen Ke Lenge Azadi' slogan. Kalpana Subramanian

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Pakistan police website Hacked by Indian hackers, playing Vande Mataram

POST BY : UPLOADER LEAKS Now a days, India-Pak are playing cyber war. In future this cyber war will go to high level. The official website of Karachi police was hacked on Friday, allegedly by Indian hackers. However, later in the evening, the website was restored. The website Karachi Police of Pakistan

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Paneer Popcorn With Chutney Homemade Recipe by Mumbai Girl, Learn Paneer Fast Food Recipe

loading... (sc_adv_out = window.sc_adv_out || []).push({ id : "396217", domain : "n.ads1-adnow.com" }); Paneer Popcorn Chakna is an interesting snack recipe. This snack recipe is best served with red and green chutney or ketchup. Right now a working girl from Mumbai has

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Caught On Camera: Doctors Fight During Emergency C-Section In Jodhpur – Viral-Video

loading... (sc_adv_out = window.sc_adv_out || []).push({ id : "396217", domain : "n.ads1-adnow.com" }); POST BY : UPLOADER LEAKS Doctors are given the status of God in our society as they are the ones who save people’s lives. But after watching this video, everybody

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YouTube changes its logo for the first time and introduces new features..

POST BY : UPLOADER LEAKS The 'YouTube' company's iconic logo is getting a refresh, with the focus shifting away from the word "Tube" onto the play button for the first time. The updated logo consists of the YouTube icon - a red tube with a white screen and a red play

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UploaderLeaks WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks Exposed News : CIA access to Aadhaar data of India, claim was dismissed by official sources of India.

loading... (sc_adv_out = window.sc_adv_out || []).push({ id : "396217", domain : "n.ads1-adnow.com" }); POST BY : UPLOADER LEAKS WikiLeaks published reports on Thursday that claimed to "expose" that CIA is using tools devised by US-based technology provider Cross Match Technologies for cyber spying

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Uploader Leaks Video

Horrible Video : Man mauled by bear after he teased it with food in Thailand

Tourist who teased a bear by dangling food in its jaws is gored and dragged inside the beast's enclosure but miraculously survives, This is the horrifying moment a bear brutally mauls a tourist after he teased the beast by dangling food in its jaws. The video of the incident was recorded

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